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With an experience of over 18 years, STAR BEAUTY PROFESSIONAL is spearheading the development of professional beauty services industry in Romania.

The company specializes in providing services to the highest standards of integrated programs supportive of beauty salons (PARTNER PROGRAM TOP LINE) to educational platforms with specialized seminars, unique in Romania.

In an ongoing effort to raise standards of beauty industry professional services in Romania, BEAUTY STAR PROFESSIONAL ensure partners:
Exclusivity the most famous luxury brands: BABOR, MARY-COHR, Goldwell, VITALITY'S, CND, ALESSANDRO, Parlux, GHD, Ultratone, Ionto-COMED, etc.
Counseling and financing programs salons Support development of marketing and communication partner salons (customized media campaigns and social media, materials viewing area resale merchandising, brochures, etc.) specialized educational department abroad and working with the most prestigious Academy of Beauty in the world, international seminars and presenting a preview of the most important news and trends worldwide.

Integrated logistics servicing partners:
PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY STAR headquarters in Bucharest with an area of 2700 sqm: showrooms, offices, logistics and accounting, marketing, graphics, PR, etc.
Technical centers equipped to international standards with modular rooms on 2 floors six offices located in major cities: Timisoara, Oradea, Iasi, Cluj, Constanta, Brasov
Logistic center equipped with modern equipment and operating systems
Department specialized marketing and graphics
Studies Academy Hairdressing, Aesthetics and Nail Design, specializing in the latest working methods and accredited CNFPA
Professional Magazine are present throughout the country where the leading brands and accessories
Ve Permanent Council in implementing the most viable solutions fall to maximize profit.

PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY STAR offers a full range of furniture, equipment and cosmetics for any beauty salon, be it a cosmetic salon, hairdresser, spa and solarium.

PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY STAR imported brands are internationally recognized, their products equipping luxury salons worldwide. Names such as BABOR, MARY-COHR, Goldwell, VITALITY'S, CND, ALESSANDRO, Parlux, GHD, Ultratone or sign Ionto-COMED cosmetic center furniture such as beds for treatment, manicure tables, chairs furniture hairdresser or spa. Beauty and latest equipment called the same cosmetic brands and includes equipment for the treatment of facial and body hair removal devices, appliances radiofrequency, ultrasound machines, devices for permanent tattoos and solariums.

Furniture barbershops: Salon Italy is the leading hairdressing salon furniture and equipment for hairdressers and beauty salons.
Salon Italy is recognized both for its innovative and creative equipment hair salon.

Product diversification was clearly one of the strengths of the company for furniture barbershops: functionality and rationality, on the one hand, on the other cosmetic appearance.
The effort to process and product innovation, supported the idea that art and technology are inseparable, created a new company leader in beauty salons.